Credit Cards – Which One Is Right For You?

Is a Credit Card better than a personal loan? Well, strictly speaking a credit card is a form of personal loan although interest is paid only on the balance that has accrued. Everyone in business knows that having adequate cash flow is vital to the life of the business. The same could be said about our personal lives. If the cash runs dry where do we turn for assistance? Having a card on hand can be useful for getting through periods where we seem low on cash as long as we know money is coming Read more [...]

The Best Credit Card Rewards

There are so many credit cards out there and after working in the field for the past couple years, I can look at a card and tell you right away if it's a card worth signing up for or not. There are many companies out there that want to mislead you when it comes to rewards making it look like a great deal but when you read the fine print, you find out you have to spend thousands to get that percentage back.For example, there's a card out there and I won't name names because it is a good card Read more [...]

Save Money With Your Credit Card Reward Points and Shop More

These days, credit card companies offer numerous benefits to their users. One of the most prominent ones is the reward points, which is offered to loyal customers who make regular payments. You might not be able to take full advantage of the same, unless you understand how exactly they work.Reward points are nothing but incentives given to credit the card holders, whenever they use the cards for buying things, or for paying off bills. You can collect these points and redeem them at a later stage. Read more [...]

Is Cash Rebate the Best Credit Card Reward?

Credit card rewards come in all shapes and sizes. They include free air tickets, priority booking of special events, free movie tickets, discounts for fine dining and many others. However cash rebate is probably the most popular for many people.Most card holders prefer to exchange their rewards for cash rather than redeeming other available freebies. Many financial experts also believe that the cash-rebate programs are actually the most straightforward credit card rewards than other type of Read more [...]